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Water Works Digital Exhibit

North Bay Waterways

Sonoma State University Waterways

Sonoma State University is home to lakes, a creek, and—although not literally on the campus itself—two nature preserves.

Springs, Wetlands, & Geysers

Hundreds of wetlands, springs, and geysers dot the landscape of the North Bay.

Creeks & Rivers

The North Bay is home to dozens of creeks and to the Petaluma River, the Russian River, and the Eel River.

Coastal Waters & Activism

The coastline of northern California is nationally known for its beauty and for the activism that has helped to preserve it.

Watershed Stories

The story of Sonoma County waterways and a creative collage of water in its many forms highlight this section.

More Info

Materials in this exhibit come from the Library's North Bay Digital Collections, Special Collections (print material), University Archives, and interested contributors.  Visit the campus Water Works website for more events, exhibits, and profiles.

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The History of a University

Materials from this exhibit were selected from the University Archives. Special thanks to University Affairs for use of the University Photo Archive, without which this project would not have been possible. Visit these two websites for more information on the history of SSU: University Archives and Celebrating 50 Years.

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